Interior Design Trends 2014

Interior Design Trends 2014

“Canadians are investing in home improvement like never before”, according to an Ipsos-Reid survey, two-thirds of homeowners intent to undertake renovations in 2013. Homeowners tent to embark on renovation projects to meet their needs, improve their quality of life or simply pamper themselves with a little luxury and lifestyle.

If you are planning to renovate your home, now is the best time to prepare. It takes at least two to three months to plan for a simple kitchen renovations. Let’s take a look at what’s the “hot” in Interior design and home remodeling for 2014.


Free standing tub2Trend #1 Stand Alone Tubs

If homeowners want a tub experience in 2014, it’s likely they will select a free standing tub as a structural element, which takes up much less space in the room than the old tiled-in tub deck. Also, free standing tubs provide modern and luxury feelings.







Curbless showers2Trend #2 Curbless showers  

Showers are becoming more popular than tubs.  Homeowners are looking to embellish the ‘shower experience’ rather than the tub experience. When it comes to shows in 2014, the trend is a continuous, seamless look. Flooring that runs right into the shower, rather than having to stop it at the shower curb, offers a clean, beautiful approach to bathroom design- especially when featured in a smaller space.







Trend #3.  Floating Shelves 

Traditionally, cabinets take up the most space in the kitchen and other rooms. For 2014, open spaces are more appealing. Consider upgrading to floating shelves to allow extra room to hang wall decorations. An alternative is to break up cabinet sets into separate sections instead of having a long run. Dark wood is traditional but look for lighter shades like cherry or oak to create a fresh and spacious look.



modern to modesTrend #4. From Modern to Modest

The industrial modern décor of 2013 will morph into a more relaxed, more classic and modest look in 2014.  While stone, metal, and wood will still be popular, expect a more relaxed feel and rounded designs with earth shades and raw metal finishes.







natural lightTrend #5 Open layouts and natural light

Open layout designs continue to be preferable. The kitchen continues to serve as the home’s “hub” while the rest of the home freely flows off the kitchen. There’s also a growing trend toward large windows and the use of natural light.  Traditional hanging decorative light fixtures are being replaced with simple can lighting and under counter lighting and spotlights, which offer more flexibility for furniture placement and room design.






But before you start dreaming about your new bathroom or kitchen, it is always vital to ensure the projects can increase the value of your house, just in case you ever want to sell it. Poorly done renovations may have no positive impact or could actually reduce the value of a home. A house that looks nice inside will not only sell at a higher price, but also sell faster.

It’s better to be in line with current trends since people are increasingly inclined toward luxury and modern style. At the same time, home owners should also beware of passing fads. Choosing styles and fixtures that only remain to be fashionable in a short period may not be appealing to the masses.

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