Tips for choosing the right painting for your home

Tips for choosing the right painting for your home

Art is often what immediately draws the eye — the element that makes an impact at first glance. The blank slate of freshly painted walls allows you to create a personal and unique living area. Painting is one of the most popular options for wall decoration. One of the reasons for having paintings at home is that with their help you can drastically transform the space: make it look bigger, enhance the colour scheme and correct proportions of furniture.

When it comes to buying art many people are stuck making decision. How to choose the right one? Which one will suit the house? It’s very important that the painting fits in with the rest of the room. Here are a few things to consider when picking that perfect piece.



Size of the oil paintings, you desire to hang in your room, must be directly proportional to the room size. You can’t experiment with this since putting small painting in larger rooms.


Small Room – small paintings

Large Room – a large painting or a small painting with other decorations to compliment with it

Long Wall – several paintings






The painting you choose should match your style and taste.


European or Classic Style - realist art painting such as portraits, antique, and landscapes with embossed frames

Contemporary Style (Bright and Simple Room) – paintings of natural scenery, flowers, modern abstract style







When choosing a color scheme for a new home, it is important to pick colors that will create the appropriate mood for the space. The basic idea should be to create a contrast between the dominant colors of your walls and those of your new painting. But the colors of the painting should be in coordinate with the wall and furniture.


Light Colored Wall – painting with bright and bold colors

Bright colored wall – painting with a lighter contrast

Deep and Dignified Furniture – classical and simple but elegant style

Light and Simple Furniture – lively, soft, modern or abstract style




78bc8b4cea1e1d4563ca9140cedca633When selecting oil painting for your home walls, it is important to keep your personal aspiration and style in view.










Hope theses tips were helpful and you will end up with artsy and chic home decoration with awesome paintings which  you will enjoy for many years.

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